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Raven Stout



Raven stout is a robust full flavoured stout with a smooth and satisfying finish. You can expect flavours of espresso coffee, liquorice, chocolate and roasted malt. Enjoy with your feet up by the fire on a winters night! For our Raven stout we use lots of magnum for bittering with the flavour coming from our raosted malt.



Magnum Hops:


Sometimes referred to as Yakima Magnum. Magnum is a good, clean, all purpose bittering hop. It is sometimes described as having a floral character. Alpha acids are high, usually between 12 and 14% AAU. This hop was bred in 1980 bred in 1980 at Huell, the German Hop Research Instititute. It was a cross between Galena and the German male 75/5/3. Usage is best in ale styles like Pale Ale and IPA, or any strong ales and stouts. Other sources say they are good for Pils and Lager styles. This wide range of use is due to this hop's clean characteristics.


Available from all good off licences and online at

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